The Castellini Approach to Internet Security – Updated 2013


I originally posted this article in 2007. A lot has changed in 6 years, so I’ve updated the article with new information and links. Please heed the information here to save you time, money and frustration and pass along to your friends and family!

This past week I saw way too many people who are not taking advantage of the free information we give out on the show and the web site. Their computers were suffocating from a preventable disease…viruses and spyware. Yes, preventable, almost 100%. And fighting the war on our home computer security front does not have to be costly or time-consuming.

We talk about this subject frequently on the program and the web site because of its rapid growth worldwide. In today’s tip, I am providing you with links to information that we have on this site that have been up for months to years that contain the essential information about protecting your computer.

Alternative Operating Systems

I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest that any computer user who does not need specific Windows based programs like Quickbooks, Quicken, genealogy software, specific 3rd party games should seriously consider using a Linux (Ubuntu being the most popular) or Macintosh system. Check out these two links for more information about Ubuntu or just search the site for Ubuntu for more information:

And yes, I know that with specific skills and software you can run Windows with Linux or Mac, but I’m all about simple so no need to leave comments about virtualization, Bootcamp, Parallels, etc.

Alternative Browsers

Staying Virus Free 

Windows & Firewalls

Fight Spyware

Control Spam

Use Good Passwords

Also falling into this category is the extremely important topic of backup. Search our website for ‘backup’ and you will find many great tips and resources for protecting your data.

If you share only one tip on our website with your friends, family, and co-workers, this is it. Stay safe and help others do the same!

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