Add a new entry to the Send To menu

With the proliferation of the CDR-RW drives, wouldn’t it be nice to
have an entry for your CDR (or other disk drive like a ZIP) on your Send

The Send To menu is the handy little menu item that is
accessible from a RIGHT click on any file or folder. The most common use
is to quickly copy a file to a floppy disk. Follow these steps to add your
own entry:

  1. Double-click on My Computer from the desktop
  2. Double-click on “C”
  3. Find the Windows folder and double-click on it
  4. Find the Send To folder and double-click on it (you can delete any
    entries that you don’t use at this point)
  5. Move this window off to the right side of your screen and
    double-click on My Computer again
  6. Drag your CDR (or other removable disk icon) to the open Send To
  7. When you release the button, the computer will tell you that you
    can’t move the item, but would you like a shortcut, click on Yes.
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