Apple iPad – What, why, how?

Today, we talked about the iPad and what it can do, why you might want to consider an iPad, and how to understand the basics of the iPad, the app store, and connectivity. At the end of this article, you will find a handout of the short PowerPoint style presentation I put together to start the class that I created on the iPad with the amazing Keynote app ($9.99) from Apple.

We talked about a lot of the features and how to use the App Store of the iPad, but way too much to put everything here in an article. Instead, I’m going to provide you with a great list of online tutorials, manuals, and help sites for the iPad.

  • If you live near or can travel to an Apple Store, you will find that the one-on-one help they provide is awesome. The Apple Store employees (geniuses…that’s what Apple calls them) are wonderfully trained and usually are quite patient. You can schedule a personal lesson via the Apple web page by clicking here.
  • The official iPad Manual (160+ pages) can be downloaded to your computer by clicking here, or if you own an iPad, Start Safari and look in your bookmarks for a specially formatted version.
  • You can view a handful of helpful iPad videos for the basics on the Apple site by clicking here.
  • Huge page of short and quick tips/hints from

Searching the web for some good tutorials results in some pretty slim pickings…even YouTube. I really think that the device demands time and the willingness to work with it to gain the skills you need…both of which are pretty easy since it is a very inviting and non-threatening device. I also plan to add some iPad specific tutorials here on since I now own one too.

Click here to get my Introduction to iPad Presentation Handout

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