Email of the Week – 005

Getting the Mail

photo credit: photobunny


Name:  Patrick

From:   GJ

OS:      Windows XP

Rick, on Thursday you posed the question: Does OS matter anymore?  You listed the generic tasks you do in your browser.
In March 2008, Adam Cochran was specific:
I use for my document creation, NVU for my web editor, Firefox as my browser, Gimp and Picasa for photos and Thunderbird for my Mac and Ubuntu email app. I still use Outlook on the PC but I can’t remember why.
Which programs do you use for each task?


Thanks for asking the question Patrick. I didn’t find the exact article from Adam that you referred to, but from the quote you sited, I can tell you that Adam was referring to Open Source programs and not web applications. Except for, all the apps he mentioned have to be installed locally on your computer.

To answer your question, here are the computer functions that I use in my browser, and thus can use any computer to perform these functions no matter the operating system.

Gmail – Email

Google Calendar – Calendar

Gmail – Contact management

Intuit’s Billing manager – Invoice and billing tracking

Picasa Web Albums and Shutterfly – Photo storage, sharing and printing

Pixlr and Picnik – Photo editing

WordPress – Web site editing and Google Docs – Document creation and storage (includes word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentations and much more)

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