Should I backup?

Five Days' Backup

photo credit: daryl_mitchell

Should you carry health insurance? Should you carry car insurance? Should you save for retirement? Should you eat every day? Does a bear….  Well, hopefully you get the picture. The answer is a resounding YES!!

You should backup, and depending on your computer needs and usage your backups should occur frequently (sometimes daily). Many computer users equate backing up their computers with their mother’s giving them castor oil. It’s no fun, but a necessary evil. What is castor oil any way?

Things you should backup on your computer include:

  • Address books

  • Email (if you save a lot of it, or don’t use web based email)

  • Any documents you create in Word, Excel, etc

  • Financial program data (Quicken, Money, etc)

  • Digital photos

  • Installation files of programs you downloaded from the Internet

  • Internet Favorites or bookmarks

  • Family history information

  • Anything you deem important and irreplaceable

Things you don’t need to worry about backing up:

  • Windows

  • Program files which you have CD’s for like Word, Excel, Print Shop, Quicken, etc

  • Anything that you didn’t have a hand in making

Backing up your computer files isn’t fun or sexy, but it is as important to modern day computing as having up-to-date anti-virus software running on your computer. Yikes, don’t get me started on another topic!

Search my web site for “backup”, and you will find over 25 articles to help you learn to backup. Tips on how to backup your address book, your pictures and more. Even some cool articles and reviews on backup software and backup devices. One good article from two years ago can be found by clicking here.

Do it today…your data might not wait for you tomorrow.

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