Wow, what a computer!

With the upcoming Windows Vista (which I don't like, but need to learn for my business), I knew that my almost five year old computer wasn't going to cut the mustard. So, tonight, with the help of our very own computer bargain guru Tedd and some feedback from Adam, I purchased a new system. $669 after rebates for a beast of a machine was too good to pass up. It is an HP with 2 GB of RAM, 250 GB hard drive, DVD Burner, and like all new computers today, a built in memory card reader. Click here to view the machine that I purchased. After weeks of studying, comparing, and wondering, I took the advice I give to our callers and my customers and bit the bullet. I think the computer should provide me years of service. Now I just have to get all the junk that comes pre-installed on the thing off.

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