Yet another reason to ditch Microsoft Office for web based apps


photo credit: thoth92

This news story has flown mostly under the radar of most computer users for weeks. In a nutshell, it’s a patent infringement suit brought upon Microsoft by a Canadian company called i4i. The suit alleges that Microsoft knowingly used proprietary technologies in Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007. Last week, a judge in Texas, ruled in favor of i4i and ordered Microsoft to remove Microsoft Word from being sold and fined them nearly $300 million. Microsoft, of course, immediately filed an appeal that will draw the case out even longer.

While the appeal is being considered, Microsoft Word can still be purchased, but for how long? This case builds yet another argument for home and business computer users to consider using online based business applications like or Google Docs. If you want desktop software, look to

Read more on the suit between i4i and Microsoft in the article below:

NewsFactor Network | Appeal Seeks To Keep Microsoft Word on Store Shelves.

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