Remote Computer Help and Training

I can now remotely troubleshoot, fix or teach you about your computer.

Using safe and secure remote control software, I will be able to see your computer and control the mouse and keyboard to quickly take care of any nagging problems and guide you through new skills you want to learn!

Who can I help?

  • Anyone with a nagging computer problem
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to spend hours with overseas technical support
  • Anyone who wants to learn a skill or technique on their computer
  • Anyone with SCD (Slow Computer Disease)
  • Anyone trying to setup a new program
  • Anyone trying to sign up with a new online service
  • Anyone trying to recover from a spyware or malware infection

Any special requirements?

  • Yes, there are three requirements in order for me to provide this service to you:
  1. I can only help computer users who have a high speed Internet connection that is active (DSL, Cable, Satellite, etc).
  2. You must have a working telephone that I can reach you with so we can talk to as I work or teach.
  3. You must be able to pay for the service via a valid credit card.

How much does this service cost?

  • There is a $45 minimum charge for any problem.
  • Any time spent over 45 minutes is billed at $1/minute and payable at the end of the session via credit card or PayPal.

The reservation fee is refundable up to 24 hours before your appointment AND is applied to your appointment fee.

When can you help?

7 days a week! Click the Book Now button below to schedule YOUR time!