The Castellini on Computers radio talk show hit the air in April 1999. My idea was to create a talk show where anyone would feel comfortable asking questions about technology. While there are a number of computer and technology related talk shows on the radio, Castellini on Computers is the only show that centers around callers’ questions. We strive to keep the show focused on the everyday questions, concerns and quandaries. We hope that listeners to Castellini on Computers will hear a program with practical questions and answers that apply to all classes of computer users.

Our motto (unofficially) is: “We provide computer information that you can not only use, but understand.” We are often flattered as listeners from time-to-time refer to our show as the “Car Talk of the computer and technology world”. Since technology isn’t always sexy, we also enjoy covering the lighter side of the digital world.

Rick Castellini I came into technology via an unusual road. I graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Physical Therapy degree and worked as a therapist for nearly 10 years.

I didn’t grow up with a computer. I didn’t go to college with a computer. My first computer was a 286 with a noisy dot matrix printer that I purchased in 1990. Like many of our listeners, I was fascinated by the machine and quickly learned to accomplish tasks I needed in my physical therapy career. Colleagues noticed my use of the computer in everyday tasks and often asked for my tutelage in learning how to use the computer for their own tasks. Because I do not have a computer degree or background, my “pupils” found that I could easily explain computing concepts without the computer lingo.

In 1995, I decided to ease out of physical therapy and start a new career as a computer trainer/consultant. Nearly 10 years later, I am now a Microsoft Certified Professional, author of a computer book, computer lecturer, and spend my days training and troubleshooting with computer users in their homes and offices.

Adam Cochran joined me as a college intern in 2002 helping to produce the show and became a full fledged co-host shortly after that. The show aired weekly for almost eight years and appeared in limited syndication for 3 of those years. Not making a dime from the show led us to cancel the weekly show and now the show airs only one time per month.

Catch the Castellini on Computers Radio Show on the first and third Wednesday of every month from 5:30-5:30pm Mountain time on 88.1 KAFM radio in Grand Junction, CO or live on the web at the KAFM web site or any time via the podcasts right here at HelpMeRick.com

In addition to Adam and myself, the site and show is managed by Rachel Cochran. She also occasionally contributes on-air reviews.