How to make Gmail & other Google Apps even more awesome – Video Tip

Inside of one of Google's offices

I highlighted a little about Google Labs enhancements of Gmail in my award winning 3 part introduction to Gmail, but I felt that the Google Labs needed a tip all its own. Google Labs lets users of their products experiment with Google’s own experiments. Their programmers and engineers work on literally hundreds of projects every day to enhance their online offering of applications. Some of these projects make it into the application as a standard feature and some end up in the Labs section of the application. Sometimes the Lab feature might be a pet project or a specific feature that one Google employee needs, but then shares it with the world.

If you use any of the Google online applications, take a moment to click Settings –> Labs from the application and see what neat and useful features lurk in the labs. Plus, isn’t it kind of fun to look around a lab?

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