Gmail guide for beginners – 3 Videos – Video Tip

This week’s video tip is a first…it involves 3 videos to cover the topic of Gmail. Directly above each video below, I give a short synopsis of the videos contents. The more I use it, the more impressed I am with Gmail. If you currently use Gmail, don’t be afraid to watch these videos as you might pick up a tip or two yourself.

Google offers a good Help section covering their email system, and you can find it by clicking here. My short video series here are meant to just get you started quickly and give you the highlights of this email system.

Anyone who currently use Gmail and has some tips to offer, please post them below.

Gmail How-to Video – Part I

This video gives you an overview of the Gmail system, how to send an email, print an email, read an email, reply to an email, use the contacts list (address book) and attach a file to an email.

Gmail How-to Video – Part II

In this second video, I demonstrate how to retrieve your outside email from other Internet providers or domain email into Gmail, use labels and filters, explain the Archive funciton, spam filtering and Gmail conversations (a feature that may be worth moving to Gmail all by itself.)

Gmail How-to Video – Part III

In my final video installment, I go over some of the more advanced funcitons of Gmail including setting a vacation message, creating a signature, searching your mail (another stellar feature that may convince you to move), and some of the new stuff coming from Google Labs.

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