Save pictures from email – Video Tip

It’s been almost one year since I first posted this tip. We have many new visitors this year, and not enough of you are heading my advice yet on this subject, so I’m posting it again. Please believe me when I tell you that this tip alone can save you countless dollars, time, and tears!

Through my travels, I have noticed that many computer users save emails with pictures because they are unsure of how to save those pictures. Saving lots of pictures in your email program can drastically slow down the performance of the email program over time. Email programs typically can handle thousands of messages, but if something happens to the email database, and you haven't backed up those databases, the pictures will be gone for good. Your best insurance for saving pictures is to save them to a folder on your computer (like My Pictures or a subfolder of My Pictures) then back them up on a regular basis.

To save pictures from your email to a folder on your hard drive, do the following:

Outlook Express

1. Click the paper clip icon in the preview pane*
2. Click Save Attachments
3. In the "Save To" box at the bottom of the dialog box that pops up, click Browse and choose where YOU want to save the pictures and click OK
4. Click Save

* If you read your Outlook Express email in its own window, then RIGHT Click on the attachment name and click Save As


Click the "Download Now" button at the bottom of the email you are reading and follow on-screen instructions. Remember that most AOL versions automatically download to an AOL Downloads folder in the AOL directory. It differs, however, from version to version.


Depending on your method of reading messages, the technique changes, but generally you should be able to RIGHT click on an attachment and save it.

For any email program that you can see the picture in the body of the message, you can RIGHT click on the photo itself to save it by clicking "Save As" or "Save Picture As".

Keeping your pictures stored in a known folder allows you to access the pictures easier, print them easier and most importantly gives you the ability to back them up. For more tips about receiving, printing and sending pictures via email, browse through our tips archive.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of this tip.

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