Magnifying Your Screen

With today's higher resolution screens, some computer users have trouble making out some items on the screen. Microsoft has a built-in screen magnifier that works OK, but isn't perfect or necessarily intuitive. Recently, I found a great application, called the Torian Screen Magnifier , that magnifies any portion of your screen by simply moving the on-screen magnifying glass over the area you want magnified. It is simple and elegant in its implementation. If you need to magnify your screen, I highly recommend this helpful utility.

If you are told that you need .NET when installing Torian Magnifier, you can download .NET here .

The only problem using it that I've run into is that it will not work with Windows Vista if you have the Areo graphics enabled, and exiting the program doesn't works so well with the mouse. The quickest way to exit the program is using the keyboard to toggle the application on and off, which is the Scroll Lock key. To exit the application permanently, RIGHT click the program's icon next to your system clock.

Speaking of magnifying the screen, Adam wrote a tip last week about using Firefox's font size option to make web sites more readable (see our archives). This week one of our listeners/web visitors, David H., wrote and told us about a wonderful Firefox extension called No Squint that works great for magnifying web sites using the Firefox browser. Thanks David!

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