The powerful and easy to use msconfig – Video Tip

Msconfig (a.k.a. Microsoft Configuration Utility) allows us to tweak a little extra speed from our boot ups and increase the available memory to our systems. You can find this utility by clicking on Start –> Programs –> Accessories –> System Tooks –> System Information. Once there, click Tools from the menus and then Configuration Utility. However, the fastest way to get to it is to:

1. Click on Start
2. Click on Run
3. Type: msconfig
4. Press Enter on your keyboard.

Once inside the configuration utility, click the Startup tab. This will list a number of programs that start up automatically upon boot up. You can simply uncheck the ones you don’t want to start automatically. Some ideas to uncheck are duplicate entries (uncheck one), AOL system tray, Real Player, Greetings workshop reminders (unless you really use them), and Quicken bill minder (unless you use it) are among a few. Leave anything checked that you aren’t sure about including Scan registry, System tray and your anti-virus programs.

This web site is a nice searchable list of almost all possible startup items and what they are associated with in case you are at a loss of what some of the entries are.

msconfig post boot screen

When you finish unchecking items you don’t want to star, click OK and your system will need to reboot. When Windows restarts, a screen will appear telling you about the changes you just made with MSCONFIG. Click the check box on the screen and click OK as illustrated in the picture.

Watch our short video tutorial on how this process works by clicking the Play button below.

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