5 Simple Rules to avoid SCD (Slow Computer Disease)


photo credit: jennconspiracy

I’ve written about this before, but it bares repeating on occasion for new visitors to the site and long time visitors who haven’t learned yet. The advice is simple:

Do not download free screensavers, wallpaper, email programs (Incredimail, etc), or games from the Internet.

Unless you are WELL versed in the origin of these items, they can easily destroy your computer’s ability to compute.

“Slow computer” is the most common computer ailment  Windows users search for on the web. Sadly, slow computer disease (SCD*), does not have to be the pandemic it is because it is 100% preventable.

Here are my 5 simple rules to prevent SCD for Windows users:

1. Install and keep Internet security software current. Current Recommendations: AVG, Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials , a software and/or hardware firewall and a good anti-spwyare program or two.

Check out the Links section for recommendations.

2. DO NOT DOWNLOAD FREE CRAP FROM THE INTERNET UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY KNOW ITS ORIGIN AND SAFETY. This includes games of any type, screensavers, ring tones, wallpaper, computer utilities, music and movies.

3. Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your primary Internet browser instead of Internet Explorer, MSN, or AOL. This tip alone can save your computer.

4. If you have teenagers or young adults who use your computer, forbid the downloading of free music through services like Limewire or any other shady site (refer to #2)

5. If you do suspect SCD, get it looked at immediately. Waiting for it to cure itself will only make SCD worse.

BONUS TIP: If your computer suffers from SCD, Defrag will not help it. No matter how many times you Defrag your computer, it will NOT help SCD.

© *SCD is a copyrighted term of Castellini on Computers, HelpMeRick.com and Rick Castellini. Use of the term SCD is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Rick Castellini or administrators of HelpMeRick.com. First used on September 28, 2007

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