A Pigeon is faster than the Internet


photo credit: Bu Yousef

I count this as sort of a misleading article, but it is fun none the less. A homing pigeon with a 4GB flash drive took off from a location 80 miles away from its destination. A download of the same amount of data was started at the destination at the same time the pigeon was released. The bird landed with the 4GB of information in just over 2 hours. The computer had only downloaded 5% of the 4GB file in the same 2 hours.

4 GB is a lot of data (1000 songs, or 3000 photos, or a 2 hour movie), but it does wound pretty pathetic that a pigeon can move that information faster than a high speed Internet connection. However, the story also illustrates how paltry our high speed lines are in the United States. If the same test had been made in Japan, Korea, Finland, and 15 other countries who rank higher in Internet speed, the pigeon would have lost.

Read the article here at BusinessDay.

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