Adding Photos to an iPad or iPhone using Picasa – Notes

This week I worked with a gentleman ironing out how to use Picasa to add photos to his iPad. These are the notes (download PDF version here) I took for him and left with him. The only steps not shown in the notes below are how to create a folder called iPad (or iPhone) then configure that folder in iTunes to sync to your iPad or iPhone. Here’s how to do that (click the screen shot below the steps to see a larger illustration):

  1. Open your My Pictures folder
  2. Click File –> New Folder or Organize —> New Folder from the menus
  3. Name that folder something like iPad or iPhone Photos
  4. Push Enter on the keyboard to accept the name
  5. Close the My Pictures folder
  6. Start iTunes
  7. Plug in your iPhone or iPad
  8. Click the name of your device on the left side of the screen
  9. Click Photos from the choices running across the top of the sync screen
  10. Click Sync Photos check box
  11. Click Selected folder (VERY important because you don’t want to overwhelm your device with every picture from your computer)
  12. Find and click the check box next to the folder you created in Step 2
  13. Click Apply button at the bottom right
  14. Click Sync at the bottom right
  15. Follow the steps below to add photos to this folder using Picasa (if you don’t use Picasa, you can Copy and Paste the photos into this folder as well. I recommend copying photos versus moving them so that this new folder can be fluid and never contain any originals…therefore you can add and remove folders from it without worrying about your other photos).
I also made notes on how to share Picasa web albums with his friends and family…these are those notes:





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