Alternative Browser

Would you like to have your web surfing speed increased? Would you like web sites to pop-up just a little faster? Changing the web browser you use (Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL) will do just that.

This tip does NOT require you to change Internet services. If you use AOL or any other service, that does not change. And whether you connect via a dialup modem (phone line), DSL, cable or other method, this tip applies across the board. The ONLY thing that changes is what program you use to browse the Internet. Lastly, this tip costs you nothing.

Opera is the name of the browser that I am referring to, and it comes all the way from Oslo, Norway. This program has been around for quite a few years, yet has a very small, but loyal, following. Opera takes up only about 25%-50% of the space that Internet Explorer, AOL or Netscape use on your hard drive. Being small and designed for speed makes this browser the speediest you will ever use.

There are two versions; the free one (supported by small unobtrusive banner ads) and a non-ad one for $39. I have been using the free version off and on for more than four years and almost exclusively the past year. You can download and learn more about by clicking here: Opera Web Browser 

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