Amazing Jams and a quick Microsoft Tip

We never promote products on the site unless we test them first. Today, I helped a new customer with their computer security and backup needs. This gentleman also owns and operates a fruit jam operation. After working on his computer, we talked about his business and his products…jams. He grows most of his own fruits and only picks them at their peak ripeness. When he offered to give me a taste test, I said "sure". The first spoonful was his strawberry jam…WOW!! Is this what jam really tastes like? My mouth exploded with sweet, rich flavor of strawberries….not sugar and corn syrup. I was literally blown away by the depth of the taste and its affect on my palate. Then he continued to impress me with his pear, apricot and wine jams. All I can say is unbelievable. Where can you get this culinary delight? Look to his web site for phone numbers and ordering information; Colorado’s Mountain Fine Jams and Jellies. You will not be disappointed.

Before sampling his fine foods, we did actually work on his computer. One tip that I gave him and that we have linked up in our Links and Resources and have mentioned multiple times on the show is the Microsoft Community Newsgroups. This bulletin board system is a gold mine of troubleshooting information for any software created by Microsoft.  

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