Another parental reminder

We mention this tip as often as possible on our show, but I felt it was necessary to bring it to the attention of our web visitors again: Parents, please install and use only Mozilla Firefox for your web browser. Kids, especially teens, plus Internet browsing with Internet Explorer spells disaster.

Too many Internet degenerates target their spyware and virus spreading programs at teens and teen related web sites. Also, teens tend to be drawn to bogus warnings, the lure of free ring tones or electronics, and online games. The technologies that allow these computer anchors to take root in your system simply don’t exist in Mozilla Firefox therefore providing you a great extra wall of Internet security.

Keep a good antivirus running, I like AVG. Also, download, install, update and scan regularly with at least two different anti-spyware products, currently I like SypBot Search and Destroy, Ad-Aware, and Super Anti-spyware…links to these products can be found in our Links & Resources section. Using these products along with Mozilla Firefox will drastically reduce the problems you can potentially have with your Windows based computer.

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