Are they doing it for the kids?

Is Microsoft producing software for the 10-19 year olds? I helped a client setup a new Vista computer today, and she mentioned that her daughter thought it was really cool and nice…looking. I asked the mom what she thought. Her response was typical of most business computer users, "It's alright, but the messages asking me to confirm everything get annoying real fast. And it doesn't seem any faster than my five year old computer." 

BINGO! I've been describing this sentiment since September of last year the moment I laid eyes on my first copy of Vista! It's slower that XP, more annoying than XP, not much safer than XP, and just about everything you knew how to find in XP has changed places, but it is prettier. My only conclusion as to the thought process of Redmond, Washington  is they could give a rip about the every day computer user and the business computer users currently pounding away at keyboards. Microsoft must be looking to the future and since a vast majority of today's 'youngins' only care about looks and fluff, then Vista delivers.

If anyone out there disagrees with my assessment and experience with Windows Vista and Office 2007, please comment. I want to hear opposition to my viewpoint and hear other experiences. Speak up if you love Vista or Office 2007 and give your reasons why. The only proviso is that you can't say you like it because it is prettier. 

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