AVG Releases New Updated Programs

Many of my shotguns this week have been more news than tips, but they are extremely important news items. Today, I want to inform you that our favorite anti-virus software and anti-spyware software has released new versions. AVG released version 7.5 of their anti-virus software and also rolled out their free (for home users) edition of their new anti-spyware program that resulted from their acquisition of Ewido earlier this year.

The announcement is important for two reasons. 1) Grisoft (makers of AVG) will no longer support the current 7.0 version of AVG starting in February 2007, and 2) Even with the upgrades in protection and updating, AVG remains one of the only anti-virus programs available for older operating systems including Windows 98. We interviewed the president of Grisoft last year on the show, and he reiterated his company's commitment to providing top of the line computer protection at affordable prices for businesses and free for home users without compromising computer performance. And his company has certainly held true to those goals. We continue to be very impressed with these products and recommend them hands down over any product available today. 

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