AVG stumbles again

Admittedly, Grisoft has not had a great summer with the roll out of their newest product, AVG 8. They tried to force the upgrade on users a little too quickly with quick deadlines. However, almost five months after the release of the new version, I still find users who haven’t upgraded yet, but Grisoft is still updating the older version.

The installation of the new version included some new features that are designed to scan links for bad web sites in your searches. This feature caused some problems for Windows Vista users and even caused some problems for email users.

Earlier this summer, AVG’s upgrade servers downloaded a bad update to many computers that caused an error that confused and dazed many users.

Today, the upgrade servers again failed. Again, confusing and frustrating many users.

Despite the rough start for AVG 8, I still would not recommend another anti-virus product at this time. Nothing protects as well while at the same time not killing the power of your computer. And so far, Grisoft has maintained their belief that price should not be a barrier to protecting your computer…and thus all of our computers by offering a free version of their software. Also, with version 8, AVG has integrated anti-spyware to their anti-virus protection. When I find a better product than AVG, I will let you know.

All that being said, it is also important to realize that when your updates are delayed, like today, that does NOT mean your computer is flying around unprotected. Your anti-virus program is still protecting your computer and is fighting against all the known problems it fights against through the last update. And since AVG updates a minimum of once per day, you are protected very well even if you go a day or two without an update.

As the Internet grows and more people learn to protect their computes, there will be inevitable bumps in the road. Usually, these problems are corrected pretty quickly, but the key is to not panic and be patient. Don’t try reinstalling, changing settings, and monkeying with your computer. Just sit back knowing that you are protected and these things will happen, but they will also be corrected.

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