Backup – Again

I will keep bringing this topic up again and again until every visitor to makes a regular habit of backing up their valuable data. Already this week I have received three calls from computer users who lost valuable data due to a computer crash. In addition to the calls, I received another four or five emails from computer users in the same situation.

I know backup is monotonous, but it is also vital to protecting your digital information. For more than ten years I have written and soap boxed about backup and provided many tips on how to best approach this misunderstood and often forgotten computer skill. Establishing a backup routine is not difficult and once it is up and running is painless to maintain.

Click on this link to read some of the many articles we have written about backup to learn how to backup your pictures, email, address book, important documents, bookmarks (favorites) and more. Don’t get caught without a backup should your computer stop working!

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