Big Box Electronic Stores Tech Help

Our town is getting ready to open a Best Buy. We have had a Circuit City for five or six years and recently (probably in preparation for the opening of Best Buy) they started offering in-store computer repair. I am not privy to the training these sales people go through to learn to fix and troubleshoot computers, but I do have anecdotal evidence that these post-adolescent sales people have no business in the computer repair business.

1. In the past six months, I have personally had to undo mistakes, improper installations, and poor software recommendations made by CC sales/tech staff. The stories that I have heard about the complete lack of professionalism and uncaring attitudes at CC would make your hair curl.

2. As I mentioned in the first point, because first and foremost these sales people are sales people first, and pseudo-techs second, they frequently make bogus recommendations for extra add-ons to a computer without considering the user's experience, needs, or the computer's capabilities. I smell conflict of interest.

3. Many of the sales/tech people working in these types of environments are not looking for a career in the business. Take a look around when you are there…they are college kids looking to work through school or patching through from one job to another. This isn't a career business for most sales associates. (I will concede that maybe 1 in 20 or 30 are good techs and provide a good service)

Best Buy will bring their "Geek Squad" franchise with them to our area and many people ask if they think it will affect my and Adam's businesses. We think it will affect our business….positively.

Do you have a story about big box sales/techs? If so, leave a comment below, but please don't list any names or specific store locations.

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