Blogs and Blogging – October 2007


The word blog derived from web + log. Blogs became well known during the 2004 election process, but have been around since at least 1999. They started out as simple online diaries comprised of primarily text entries sorted by date…newest to oldest. Gradually, they morphed into full fledge web sites containing images and video along with the written information.

What is the purpose of a blog?


Blogs started out as true online diaries where the ?blogger? simply typed their feelings or happenings for the day or their philosophies and beliefs about government, life, religion, etc. Over the past five or so years, blogs evolved to become sites created by experts in all walks of life sharing their experience and tips and augmenting their work in other areas of media.

Who can create a blog?

Literally, anyone can start a blog with no web designing experience necessary. If you can type and send an email, you create and maintain a blog. An individual story or entry on a blog is called a ?post? and can be made directly on the blog web site, via email, or even a cell phone. Blogs also became popular because most bloggers allow readers to post comments about their writings. Comments can often times end up being more informative or entertaining that the original blog entry.

How much does a blog cost to start?

If you don?t want your own .com name (domain), the cost is nothing. Your blog might have an ad or two on it, but the advertising subsidizes the cost of the service.

Where can blogs be started?

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