Burning CDs with Picasa for Linux

Picasa Logo

Unfortunately, Google has not updated Picasa for Linux in almost 18 months. However, it remains a solid product for Linux users who want to easily manage their photos. I’ve tried F-Spot, but it just doesn’t seem intuitive or robust enough for everyday use.

Anyway, I was helping one of my many clients using Linux Mint as their only operating system, and he needed to know how to burn CDs from Picasa. Here’s how it is done:

  1. Start Picasa
  2. Click the little “create Gift CD” option next to a folder or Album
  3. Click Add More folders (if you need another folder or Album)
  4. Un-check the Inlude Slidshow box (unless you want it)
  5. Click Burn Disk
  6. Click Write
  7. Type a name for the photos you just chose
  8. Click Save
  9. Insert a blank CD or DVD
  10. Close all open windows
  11. Double-click your home folder icon (ex:  Taylor’s Home)
  12. Double the ISO folder (or wherever you saved the file in step #8)
  13. Double the name of the CD you want to burn (from step #7)
  14. Click Burn

That should do it. Good luck and happy Linux using!




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