Change Windows Vista’s Theme

Windows Vista is here and we can't change that so let's learn how to work with it. Much of the new Windows is visual eye candy. The new visual layout will intimidate many users and certainly get in the way of using the computer as we once did. To get around the initial shock of this different looking Windows, I recommend changing the theme to make it look a little more familiar.

  1. RIGHT Click the Desktop
  2. Click Personalize
  3. Click Themes
  4. Click the theme choices pull down menu and choose "Classic"
  5. Click Apply and OK

To make the Start menu work in Classic mode:

  1. RIGHT Click the Start button
  2. Click Properties
  3. Choose Classic Start menu
  4. Click Apply and OK

To watch these steps, watch the video below. (if the video doesn't start right away, be sure to click "Read More")


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