Check Your Email When Away from Home

When we vacation, checking our snail mail is either left up to a house sitter or a neighbor. However, email is something we don't usually delegate to these fine folks who keep track of our snail mail and newspapers. Did you know that you can check your email from almost anywhere in the world?

It's true and this week's tip shows you how to do it. All email is sent not to you, but first to your provider. They don't read it, but it sits on their computers until you retrieve it, thus allowing you to check it remotely. While you are away from your home computer on vacation, the mail sits and accumulates on the provider's computer. You can check in on your email by logging into your provider's web site from any computer that has Internet access and read and write email.

For example, if you are an AOL user, go to and click on their little mail box icon to log in and check your email. Earthlink, NetZero, Juno and all the large broadband companies offer the exact same service. If you use a local provider like ACSOL or Frontier, go to their respective pages and click on Web Mail to log in and check your email.

Two things you absolutely need when checking your email remotely are your username and password. If you don't know them, you can't use this technique. Contact your provider for more info. Also, your address book will not appear on web mail, so either print your address book or take your favorites with you.

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