Cleaning up Headers in Email

This tip was prompted by an email from Jean. She, like many other people, is frustrated with email header information and wanted to learn how to print email without all the headers. This technique will work no matter what email program you are using.

The only way to get rid of headers when printing is to follow this procedure:

1. Start your Email session as normal
2. Keep your email open, but now Click on Start–Programs–Accessories–Notepad
3. This will open up the small program called Notepad (notice that you now have 2 buttons on the bar next to the Start button…one for your email and one for Notepad
4. Click on the email button
5. Now select the text, with your mouse, in the email that you want to print (leaving out all the forward information)
6. Click on Edit from the menus at the top of the screen
7. Click on Copy
8. Click on the Notepad button at the bottom of the screen
9. Click on the Edit menu here in Notepad
10. Click on Paste

Now you will have just the information you want with no extra headers! Print from the file menu in notepad.

To forward a message without the headers, follow the exact procedure above, but instead of pasting the info into Notepad, paste the info into a NEW email instead of just forwarding the info.

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