Closing many iPhone or iPad Safari tabs with 2 taps! – Video Tip

For all of us iPhone and/or iPad users, learn and utilize this tip to keep your browser (Safari) running clean.

I needed to help my friend clean up her iPhone today, and we were both tired of swiping away open tabs (web sites) in her browser…something we all need to do once a month or so. After swiping dozens of times and still going, I did a quick search and found this great, concise article and video from 9-to-5 Mac.

New tabs are opened each time we click a link from an email, text message,  Facebook app, or many other apps on our phones or iPads. If we don’t clean them up periodically (I recommend at least monthly), they stack up and can result in some performance issues. Watch this quick video to learn how to do this simple and important maintenance activity for your iPhone or iPad.


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