Computer longevity

One huge misconception in the computer community is that computers are obsolete as soon as you buy them…or computers need to be replaced every 3-5 years.

Both of these statements are patently false. I stand by my claim and philosophy that a computer is only outdated when it can no longer perform the functions you need it to OR it mechanically fails. Today I saw a customer that demonstrated this theory well. He had two old computers (486 25mhz) computers with 2 GB Hard drives (they were upgraded in 1997). The original machine is circa about 1991 or 1992. The computers still server their purpose for him, but he needed a new application that won’t run on those machines. And this gentleman runs a multi-million dollar business with these 15 year old computers!

The next time you think you need to upgrade your computer, or you think your new computer is outdated…think again. If your computer carries out the tasks that you require of it, use it until it quits. Don’t be a victim of the upgrade merry-go-round.

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