Customer Satisfaction and Remote Services

Thank you!

As my conversion to remote services enters its fourth year, I want to take this opportunity to again thank all my customers who have used the service and the new ones who now have access to the service.

A little history

For readers who may not originate from western Colorado, I started an onsite computer help and training business in Grand Junction, Colorado in 1995. Over the years, I met literally thousands of people and sat at many thousands of computers to troubleshoot them or help the owner learn how to use them.

In March of 2014, I made the decision to stop making onsite calls and only work remotely. I did this for many reasons:

  • I can help my customers faster than ever (no more 2 week wait time to book an appointment)
  • 85% of what I do can be done without physically being at the computer
  • Technology finally exists that makes my business easy to access by anyone, anywhere
  • I can save money and time and pass both on to my customers
  • I had an impending move to Tucson, Arizona in the pipeline and did not want to abandon the customer base I built over 19 years.

Baby great horned owl in my brother’s tree


Yes, my move to Tucson is complete and was in the works for awhile, but being private about my personal side of life, I did not let that information leak to many people. All I will say is that the move was bittersweet because I will miss the great people I met and friends I made in Grand Junction, but I also gained the great opportunity to be near my brother, my wife’s sister, and other extended family members in the Tucson area.

Can you really still help me?


If I didn’t think that I could help my customers effectively from afar, I would not have instituted the option. As mentioned above, 85% or more of what I do can be done remotely, and maybe even better! And to also repeat, this new model allows anyone, anywhere to utilize my services quicker than ever and at times that are convenient to them…no more waiting or schedule jockeying.

I will deeply miss shaking hands, petting dogs, and driving around picturesque western Colorado, but the change was needed and I can still “shoot the bull” over the phone yet be more efficient than ever.

Actual customer feedback

Sheila is a long time customer of mine who may have been one of the most apprehensive about me helping her remotely, but she made the appointment online here at and proceeded with the appointment. She was thrilled to be able to get me THE SAME DAY and have me resolve her computer issues as quickly as ever.

During the appointment, I made notes (complete with screen shots) and emailed them to her right afterward…which I do for all my training sessions. She gave me permission to post her wonderful comment. Thanks Sheila.

Sheila’s sentiment is not unique, and I thank everyone else who has sent feedback as well. I look forward to continue helping thousands more computer users in need of assistance or training not only from Grand Junction, Colorado but from wherever they might reside!


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