Don’t put folders and files on your desktop

A few days ago one of my clients called me with some strange problems. Suddenly many of her files disappeared from her computer. None of the files seemed to be related. She was missing a few Microsoft Word documents, some photos and her genealogy.

After looking around and doing several searches she happened to mention that she used to have a folder on her desktop called "Old Desktop Files." It was a folder with files that she had on an old computer.

Instantly I figured out what was going on. I looked in her Word and PAF under the File menu and noticed that all of the missing files had been in that missing folder.

I had looked in her recycle bin for the missing individual files and they weren't there, but when I knew to look for the entire folder it was all there in the recycle bin.

She was relieved that everything could be recovered. I gave her two short lectures. Lecture 1 was entitiled Always Backup Your Important Data on a Flash Drive or CD and the other was Never Put Data Files or Folders on Your Desktop.

To make a shortcut on the desktop just find any folder, file or shortcut in My Computer then hold the right mouse button down while dragging the icon to the desktop. Choose "Create Shortcut." 

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