Easy, safe, fun (and useful) Google Images – Video Tip

Google offers hundreds of features and most of them go unused by the average computer user.

Google Images is one of the coolest features that the monster search site has to offer. Google Images allows you to search the web for graphics or pictures related to any search topic.

It's so easy to use:

1. Visit Images.Google.com

2. Type in a word or phrase that you want to search for

3. Hit ENTER key on your keyboard

4. The website where the image is found will load but you can get directly to the image itself by clicking on the thumbnail at the top of the page.

WARNING: Most images found are under copyright. Make sure that you aren't using the images in any way that may violate the copyright such as putting them on a T-shirt that you plan to sell, posting them on your company's website in a way that promotes profit, etc.

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