Email Preview Button in Outlook Express – Video Tip

This tip evaded me for many years, but now you can benefit from its use. The tip works in any versions of Windows including Windows Vista's Windows Mail.

When asked how to delete a message without opening it in Microsoft Outlook Express, I traditionally answered by directing the computer user to the View menu (See Tip #156). This works, but if you want to turn the Preview back on you have to go through the same number of steps.

Why would you want to delete emails without opening them? A couple of reasons include not wanting to open an email that advertises how to enlarge certain private parts or see an ad of Jolene's sorority web site and you may not want to open a potentially dangerous email that might have a virus.

Here's the easy way to quickly toggle the helpful preview pane on and off in Outlook Express:

1. Click View from the menus

2. Click Layout

3. Click the Customize Toolbar button

4. In the left column, scroll to find the "Preview" button and click on it once

5. Click the Add button between the columns

6. Click Close

7. Click Apply

8. Click OK

Now when you need to toggle the Preview pane on or off, simply click the new Preview button you just added to your toolbar.

Watch the video of this tip below.

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