Expand and share your knowledge with web forums – Video Tip

Web or Internet forums will forever change the way you gather information on the Internet. Individuals, organizations, and large companies setup forums to provide a meeting place for people with common interests and goals. Individual computer users like you and I generate 95% of the content/information in a web forum. The rules are pretty simple; if you have a question and it hasn’t already been answered, post a question to the forum, readers see it and respond if they have the answer. Of course, if you see a question that you know the answer to, by all means jump on board and answer it!

Depending on the topic and the reputation of the forum you visit, questions can get answered in as little as five minutes but rarely go more than 24 hours without an answer.

In today’s video tip, I explain how to:

  • Search for forums that interest you
  • Search for information in a forum
  • How-to post questions in a forum

The collective knowledge of Internet users is overwhelming and invigorating. Watch the video below to see how helpful using web forums can be…and again, you may have invaluable help for someone else as well.

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