Fill in Forms Quickly – Video Tip

Are you tired of filling out forms using your keyboard and mouse?

To quickly move from field-to-field (box-to-box) while filling out a form, use the TAB key on your keyboard. For example; after you fill in your name, to move the cursor from the name field to the address field, simply push the TAB key on your keyboard.

Some of you may be aware of that keyboard trick, but this next one is a doozie!

OK, so you've tabbed from Name to Address to City and now you are in the State field that has one of those drop down lists to choose the proper answer. Normally, I would reach for the mouse, Click on the field, then scroll through the list and Click on the proper state. It works, but takes extra time.

Thanks to a friend, Ken, that I worked with many years ago, I (and now you) can fill out computer forms without touching the mouse.

Instead of choosing the state with the mouse, try pushing the first letter of the state you live in and magically the list returns the first state with that letter. So, for Colorado, when you push "C" on the keyboard, the list returns "California". Never fear, just push "C" again on the keyboard and "Colorado" pops up.

If you happen to live in Connecticut, just push "C" again. Boom! You're done with that field, push TAB on your keyboard again and carry on your merry, keyboard form filling way!

What about check boxes or radio buttons? Use the space bar on your keyboard to toggle them on or off.

Practice this tip, watch the video below and you too will be amazed!

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