First iPhone setup

I helped setup an iPhone for the first time today. Here is a quick summary of my findings:


  • Amazingly easy setup on the Windows XP machine we installed it on. No disks or CD’s ship with the iPhone at all. The only requirement is that you have the latest version of iTunes installed. The activation and installation were SIMPLE…the way all installations should be.
  • Nice form factor. Felt like a large candy bar and had more heft (a good thing) that I anticipated. Curved edges allow for easy pocketability and feels good in your hand.
  • Amazing screen clarity and color.
  • Web looks good and the ability to switch from portrait to landscape and zoom in and out of a page all work to make it a good experience overall.
  • Synchronizes bookmarks and editing bookmarks is easy on the device.
  • Out of the box, the phone is very responsive. Very little waiting when switching between applications.
  • Large screen makes it easy for folks who use reading glasses to see and use a smart device.
  • Sound clarity seemed good on both ends of the call. Did not try a headset with it yet. 


  • Cut, copy, and paste not available. This is a huge omission, in my opinion.
  • Typing isn’t nearly as fast as on a keyboard smartphone like a Treo or Blackberry, but I have to admit that it was easier and more accurate than I anticipated.
  • No one should ever use a cell phone when the drive, and the iPhone will make for some awfully distracted drivers if their owners attempt to use this device while driving except for maybe answering calls.
  • Navigating contacts is really slow. With practice, perhaps an iPhone user can access their contacts at maybe 2-3 times that of a Treo user. Even after practicing a little, it took a full 20-30 seconds or so to look up and dial a contact and you have to use both hands. On my Treo, I can perform that feat one handed in under ten seconds. 
  • At this time customizing the “home screen” is not possible, and that is diappointing. Adding quick web links or frequently called numbers to the home screen would vastly improve the product.
  • No task or To Do list application. 

Although impressed at the ease of setup, the seamless synchronization to Microsoft Outlook, the nice interface and presentation, I wouldn’t trade my Treo 755p for an iPhone. If Apple through a real keyboard on it, allowed cut, copy, and paste, and enabled the highest speed wireless Internet, I would only then consider it…but definitely not jump on it.


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