Fix for AOL email not displaying subjects, dates

I have seen a few AOL customers this week who use the AOL software and had problems displaying their email. The email window only showed blank spots where subjects, dates, and senders appear. When opened, replying or forwarding email was also impossible.

Fortunately, I have an easy fix for you AOL holdouts with this email problem:

  1. Start your AOL program, but DO NOT sign in!
  2. Click Mail from the menus
  3. Click Mail Settings towards the bottom of the menu
  4. Now you will see the screen shown here on the right
  5. Click Manage Saved Mail from the upper right
  6. Click Compact
  7. Click Compact Now
  8. Click OK
  9. Click Save
  10. Close AOL
  11. Restart AOL and sign-in as normal

Good luck!

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