Learn Minesweeper & give Solitaire or FreeCell a Break – Video Tip

Solitaire seems to be a game that is synonymous with computers. Microsoft planted the game in Windows not only for entertainment, but also for new computer users to learn mouse skills (click-and-drag, double-click, etc). Some computer users have branched out to FreeCell and like it better than Solitaire.

However, have you tried playing Minesweeper?

Minesweeper appears difficult upon first look. And yes, it does require some brain power, but isn’t that partially the purpose of our computers…to use our brains? If you do like a challenge and using logic give Minesweeper a try.

The object of the game is to avoid the ‘mines’. You do this by first making a random guess and clicking one time on the board. If you are lucky, you didn’t hit a mine (some say that you can never hit a mine on the first click, but I have).

Now you have to use the clues the game gives you to figure out where the other ones lie. The clues come in the form of a number (usually 1-5). The number indicates how many mines border that particular square. One hint to commit to memory is that one square (if it is not along the edge), borders eight other squares. Keep that in mind and like FreeCell, every game is winnable.

It is much easier to watch my video tutorial below than try to learn from those few lines of text I just wrote.  Just don’t blame me if you are up late nights playing it.

Give it a try. My best time so far on the beginner level is 29 seconds and 326 seconds on intermediate level. Come back and leave your comments and scores, but most of all have fun!


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