How to use Google Image Search in Google Chrome – Video Tip

Have you ever wondered where a photo was taken? Or maybe who took it?

If you use the Google Chrome browser, you have quick access to the useful Google Image Search that can answer these questions in a flash! Here’s how to use it:

  1. When you come across an image on a web site (again using Google Chrome ONLY) and you want to find out more information about it, RIGHT click anywhere on the image
  2. Click Search Google for image
  3. A new tab will open with the results of the search including, if it can find it, where the photo was taken, links to information about the place, similar photos, and maybe even who took the original photo!




Watch the video below for a demonstration and instructions!

Once again, you HAVE to be using the Google Chrome browser for this to work. IF you use another browser, you can still do this, but it requires extra steps. If you are interested in learning how to use this Google Image Search with Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox, leave a comment below and I will outline the steps in a future tip!


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