How can I increase traffic to my site?

You can lead a horse to waterWhat a week! For some reason, my scheduling went a little awry this week and made for some long days. In addition to my scheduling problems, however, I could have saved a ton of time (thus the 3 day hiatus of new posts) and my clients could have saved a lot of money if they were more diligent about backing up their data and keeping track of passwords and software.

This web site is exactly the same age as my business…almost 13 years old. In those thirteen years, I can emphatically claim that customers who read my site daily and follow the advice and tips have far less problems and trouble with their computers than those who never visit. And when regular readers of do need an on site consultation from me, they rarely last longer than an hour and usually involve more instruction that troubleshooting. After building this site for 13 years and adding to it almost daily, I can answer at least eighty percent of the most common computer questions with articles found right here at

I pose the question to you, the faithful visitor: What can I do to encourage you to recommend this site to others and to get them to become regular visitors? What types of articles do you like and which do you dislike? Are the how-to videos working well for you? Any advice and feedback I can get from you to make a better and more reliable resource is appreciated. Leave a comment below and let me know what works and what doesn’t work here at .

Thanks for your help.

Photo by renatotarga

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