How I get smart using YouTube – Video Tip

I used this tip yesterday because the Honda dealer left a part on my seat after servicing it. Not wanting to return to the dealer, I turned to YouTube to find out where the part went and within minutes, I found the video, watched it and had the part back in place.

This tip was first posted 4 years ago, but is even more relevant today! If you didn’t see it or forgot about it, make sure to watch, use and share this tip!  Just to update the statistics for today (June 2014), I know have almost 400 videos on my YouTube channel, it has been viewed more than 3.5 million times (again thanks!), and just received my 200oth YouTube subscriber. I’m pretty small time compared to some YouTube heavyweights, but I feel that each and every video I post offers a learning opportunity for those watching them.

Here’s that tip!

This video marks my 300th offering on my YouTube channel! I like milestones, and when I hit 1,000,000 views (thank YOU) late last year, I celebrated quietly. Now with 300 videos officially published to YouTube, I am celebrating again. And what better video to create and publish than one about YouTube.

Too often folks think that YouTube is simply for kids and folks sharing wrecks, unfortunate accidents and other voyeuristic endeavors, but nothing could be further from the truth. YouTube has become one of the greatest sources of online how-to and education. Pretty much anything you want to learn about or need to accomplish can be found on YouTube. Need to know how to make pancakes, change spark plugs, test a light socket, solve a math equation, plant tulips, change your computer wallpaper, all these answers and much more can be found on YouTube.

Since YouTube was purchased by Google a few years ago, the searching capability has been ramped up significantly so finding what you are looking for is much easier. Watch this short how-to video demonstrating how to find other how-to videos on YouTube:

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