How to Add or Remove a program in Ubuntu – Video Tip

By now, you know that I have become smitten with Ubuntu (a Linux operating system). And in the right situation, I think it serves its users admirably. As packed as a new installation of Ubuntu is with productivity, graphics, Internet, and game software, you might want to add a new program. You cannot go to the store and purchased a new program and install it on an Ubuntu machine. Instead, you use the web and built-in tools found in Ubuntu to add or remove a program.

The first method I explain in the video is how to use the Synaptic Package Manager found by clicking System –> Administration –> Synaptic Package Manager from the menus.

The second method involves clicking the Applications menus then Add/Remove.

A high speed connection is really a must with Ubuntu to be able to try out some of the great software available and to get all of the available system updates as well.

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