How to attach iPhoto images to Gmail & Yahoo Mail – Video Tip

Currently, iPhoto only lets you send photos via email from within iPhoto if you use the Apple Mail program. For web based email users like Gmail, HotMail or Yahoo email, follow the easy steps in this tip.

  1. Start a new email as normal in your Gmail, HotMail, Yahoo mail, etc.
  2. Complete the address, subject, and body of the message as normal as well.
  3. Look for and click the Attach Files option
  4. The Select Files screen will appear
  5. In the lower left hand corner of this screen, click Photos
  6. Now at the top of the screen, you will see iPhoto where you can click your Events or Photos folder
  7. Now all your photos appear at the bottom of the screen where you can select the ones you want to send. (Hold down the Command key as you click to select more than one photo)
  8. When finished selecting your photos, click the Select button
  9. Once they upload to the email, click Send on your email.

All these steps are illustrated and narrated for you in the following video:

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