How to Download Files from the Internet – Video Tip

Once you find a file you would like to view or download, how do you get it to your computer? Follow these steps to get the computer safely and successfully to your computer:

  1. Click once on the file’s name (some web sites will have a download button)
  2. You will be asked to Save the file before the download initiates. Pay special attention to the Save In box at the top of the save screen so that you know where your file is going.
    (TIP: I suggest that you download all files to the desktop so that they are easy to find)
  3. Click the Save button and in a few seconds your download will start and you will see a progress meter showing how much of the download has completed.

That’s all there is to downloading a file.

Remember that you can click back to the web and continue surfing, writing email or doing other activities at the same time you are downloading. Dial-up users, you do have to stay connected to your provider for the download to continue.

Also, it is possible to download more than one more file at a time. Watch the video below to see these steps in action!

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