How to export your Netflix queue to a spreadsheet – Video Tip

I was trying to export my Netflix queue tonight and tried to find an easy to follow tutorial or tool, but found neither. Instead, I created my own! It ended up being so easy, that I’m going to share it with the rest of the web…here it is:

  1. Open your Netflix queue
  2. Select the entire queue using your mouse (don’t use Ctrl+A)
  3. Click Edit –> Copy from the menus OR Ctrl+C on your keyboard
  4. Open Notepad (or some other plain text editor)
  5. Click Edit –> Paste from the menus OR Ctrl+V on your keyboard
  6. Click Edit –> Select All OR Ctrl+A on your keyboard
  7. Open your spreadsheet (I demonstrate in Excel in the video below)
  8. Click Edit –> Paste from the toolbar or menus OR Ctrl+V on your keyboard
  9. Click Find & Select –> Go To from the toolbar or menus  OR Push F5 on your keyboard
  10. Click the Special button
  11. Click the Blanks option
  12. Click OK
  13. Click Delete button from the toolbar OR push Ctrl+- on your keyboard

That’s it! Now you have an easy to read and manipulate version of your Netflix queue

Here’s the video demonstrating the steps:


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