How to increase battery life for your iPhone or iPad – Video Tip

One of my customers recently asked how to get better battery life with her less than 1 year old iPad. We walked through some of the steps, but there are many, so I decided to just put it into a single tip for anyone who visits the site.

Many, many, many articles have been written around the web regarding saving battery life, and most cover the same basic areas that I do below. However, few, that I’ve seen, put the tips in video format like the one I put together below for you and hopefully that helps cement the tips and helps your iPhone or iPad battery life! You can also find an Apple support page that covers tips on how to maximize your battery life.

Under the screen of an iPhone. Note how much room the battery uses…it’s also the heaviest item in there!

Depending on your model of iPhone or iPad, the battery should last between 8-18 hours of usage. Usage is a broad term and depending on what you use your device for dictates how quickly the battery drains. Fortunately, using the Battery tool in your device’s settings let you analyze which apps dominate the battery life on your iPhone or iPad. The battery tool can be found under Settings and you will see a demonstration of where to find and how to use it in the video.

In order, the best things you can do increase battery life are:

  1. Turn the screen Brightness down…the brighter the screen, the more battery it takes to power the screen.
  2. Make sure you use the Auto-Lock function which turns the screen off when you aren’t using it. Set it for 2 minutes or less.
  3. Reduce or remove the Notifications for as many apps as possible…especially the Lock Screen Notifications
  4. Reduce the number of apps you allow to use Background App Refresh…the Internet is fast enough that you can get the updates you need when you are actually using the app.
  5. Reduce the number of apps you allow to use Location Services…only your essential navigation or similar apps need to know where you are and only when you are in the app itself.
  6. Use WiFi whenever possible over your cellular network for any Internet related activities
  7. Reduce the number of apps you allow to use Cellular Data (as opposed to WiFi)

See all these tips and more in action in the short video below and please share with all your iPhone or iPad buddies!


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