How to locate where your photos are saved – Video Tip

Many of us use photo management software (Picasa, Photoshop Elements, Corel, Kodak Easy Share, Canon Zoom Browser, etc) to manipulate, organize, and share our photos. Unfortunately, too many computer users think their photos exist in these programs.

They don’t.

Our digital photos are like any other piece of information on our computer…they exist in a folder somewhere on our hard drives. Most of these photo management programs offer a way for you to figure out where (computer path or folder) your photos really do reside. Since I recommend, use, and support Picasa, I put together a short video to show how this is done.

  1. Start Picasa
  2. RIGHT Click a photo you want to find on your computer
  3. Click Locate on Disk from the menu that appears

Watch these steps in action:

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